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Distribute Keys & Promo Codes

Marketing your game is time-consuming: Validating key requests from YouTubers, building up your press list, and sending out promo codes to journalists. Promoter makes all of this easier, so you can do a better job promoting your game in less time.

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James Spafford

For a small team with a ton of projects, Promoter is a lifesaver.

James Spafford (Double Fine)

Track Your Press Coverage

Once your game gets traction, you’ll want to know who’s talking about it. Promoter tracks press mentions and reviews, YouTube videos and forum posts automatically.

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Adam Saltsman

Promoter is super handy in keeping track of press mentions and syndicating them to our press kit, especially around shows and launches.

Adam Saltsman (Finji)

Distribute Keys

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    Import your Steam keys or promo codes from any other platform into Promoter.

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    Journalists and verified YouTubers request review copies via a hosted form.

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    Send out key batches in one click & automatically track who covered your game.

Track Coverage

Bar Graph

    "Overland" Mentions

  1. SUN 19 JUN Overland is the road trip from hell, but it's okay, there are dog friends (Daniel Fries)
  2. FRI 17 JUN Havin' A Swatch! | Overland Gameplay (SLEEPCYCLES)
  3. TUE 14 JUN PC Gaming Press Conference @ E3
  4. FRI 27 APR Overland Is XCOM As Post-Disaster Roadtrip (Alec Meer)
  5. SAT 23 MAR Overland is a survival game that’s as mean as it is beautiful (Tim Clark)
  6. TUE 08 JAN Overland is FTL meets the post-apocalypse, from the creator of Canabalt (Philip Kollar)

Track press and media coverage from over 3000 gaming-relevant websites and YouTube channels. Add events like E3 or a reveal trailer to add context to your timeline.

Use Promoter during your launch and automatically aggregate the review scores of your game.

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